The Initiator of the idea to create the winery was PANAGIOTIS DARIVIRIS . Miltiades and the George’s father. A mentally physically tireless fighter. His experience in vineyards issues is very leniently called huge. He has about 50 consecutive years in his resume. Perfectionist and extremely fair with the final result. Occasionally the results of his experiments in the vineyards stunned agronomists with great experience. He is undoutdely characterized as the “scientist” of vineyards in the area of Avlida and farther.

The famous phrase “the work was afraid of  him” characterises solely George DARIVIRI Panagiotis’ son and Miltiadi’s brother. He is effective and extremely fast in any kind of work on the vineyards and the winery.

He is a person of the generation of 35 years of old whose presence alone proves that he has many thousands of hours of hard work in his credit .He owns entirely the mechanical equipment and runs successfully the workforce .Between Panagiotis’ experience and great diligence of George another effective link in the enterprise has been added.

That link is called Miltiades.He is the one to process and maximally cost any commercial investment movement of business at any time .He contacts customers and cooses the suppliers. he also suggests targets and ways to achieve them. Also he proposes new products depending on the capabilities of the company and anything possible to further correct and constructive evolution.His daily awareness on vineyards and wine issues exceeds 3 hours daily.

These three human links in DARIVIRIS firm pose a chain hard to break, contrary to the passage of time it becomes more and more strong and unwavering. There are joint discussions and evaluations of the most difficult but also the most simple and everyday topic.

The success is due to the exclusive group and coordinated work and communication between the possible links of successful DARIVIRIS business.