That is the the most common variety in the wine map of AVLIDA. It is cultivated in our vineyards for over 30 years and gives us quite satisfactory yields .Retsina is actually made of savvatiano. The vintage takes place in mid-September and is carried out with plastic crates.

The historic white variety Savvatiano is among the mostly ones grown in the Greek vineyards. Alone or participating in blends -and many PGE- wines it is responsible for a great range of dry white wines. Whatever way found in the glass of a wine lover a good Savvatiano not only promises to win the former with its particularity, but it is ready to prove that quality does not come through impressionism, but through the substance.

Our production


From Savatiano grapes. Clear color Balanced adding resin to make it oustanding.

Available in packs of 0,5 – 1,5 5 liter PET also in packs of 5,10, & 20 liters in wineskin.