In our private vineyards of 70 acres and more of our winery, the following varieties are being produced under the strict supervision and care of a mentally and physically human Panayiotis Dariviris (Miltiadis and George’s father)


The vineyards are in linear arrangement (3 m. X 1.10 m) with trunk height of 80 cm and consist of five support wires .Most tasks are carried out almost automatically and few are those that human factor actively intervenes.The starting work begins in January with the prepruning.

The prepruning is the work in which we remove from the vine whatever useless. Then pruning follows.The pruning is undoutedly the most important job of a vineyard. That is completed with special scissors which are supported by compressors so that in that way not to injure the vine.

They are called Pneumatic tools and they provide the user with the ability to work several hours without getting tired and make more correct course work and of course more than ever.The watering takes place with droplets supplying each vine with 4 liters of water per hour strictly.

Lubrication is also completed, dissolved in water, through irrigation system.